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Fire Department

  Kevin Salerno
     Fire Chief
   Kevin Salerno, Fire Chief


Besides firefighting, confined space rescue, hazardous materials, and emergency medical response, other services done by the Fire Department are:  Fire Inspections, arson investigations, fire prevention programs, and housing inspections for single family, two family and multiple residences.  The Oneida Fire Department is proud to claim a Class A residential rating with the New York State Insurance Organization.   

 If you own a scanner, you can listen to the Oneida Fire Department calls on several different radio frequencies.  They are as follows:

Channel 1, 46.16 mhz., Madison Co. Dispatch
Channel 2, 46.22 mhz., Madison Co. truck to truck
Channel 3, 45.24 mhz., Fire Ground
Channel 4, 46.32 mhz., City of Oneida Paging

The Oneida Fire Department Personnel

 Public Safety Commissioner
Mike Kaiser

 Fire Chief
Kevin Salerno

 1st Deputy Chief

 Deputy Chief’s

Darrin Ball
Rob Cowles

Reay Walker
Tim Cowan
Dennis  Fields
Scott Jones

Housing Inspector
Don Forth

Office Personnel
Kathy Erdo

Fire Fighters  
Jeff White Travis Krol
Dave McDonald Eric Whipple
David Hoffman Dennis Relyea
Brian Cavanagh Dan Moyer
Charlie Kazlauskas Noel Strife
Scott Munroe Marcel Jeffery
Scott Burbidge David R. Relyea
Don Premo Caroline Wright

109 N. Main St.
 Oneida, NY 1342

 Phone: (315) 363-1910
Fax: (315)363-3437
Emergencies:  (315)363-1020

Office Hours:

8:00 - 4:00 Mon. - Thurs  8:00 - 3:30 Friday

Fire Safety  
Holiday Safety  
First Aid for Burns  
Children and Fire
Major City Fires  
File a Complaint  
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